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We have nurtured a BRAND " KIRTI"  with our cumulative efforts of  nearly 100 years in Healthcare Services and 63 Years in the field of Dermatology, Laser Treatments and Medical Cosmetology.  


Currently, "KIRTI" is enriched with multi-layer and 360 degree expertise in dealing with various aspects of Lasers, Medical Aesthetics & Energy Based Device's Industry. We are involved right from the development of the technologies up to the establishment and execution of treatments to the end customers. We have innovated in-house practice management process which cruises the smooth transition of the business to the end consumers. 


A brand is lead by promoters and leaders who are always Pro-efficient, Dedicated, Visionary and Innovative. Due to their encouraging leadership qualities, a brand is successful in developing secondary as well as tertiary leadership and strong brand with the following qualities:


  • Policy-Driven

  • E-Management I-Management

  • De-Centralized Decision Making

  • Enriched in Professional Skills & Vision

  • In a complaint with modern quality standards 

Currently "Kirti" is under Visionary Leadership of Dr Joy Shah whose aim is to make Kirti, A Sustainable Development by the year 2030 



Years of Experience




 Devices Installation

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