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Beauty & Curves is a vision to provide non-invasive substitute to plastic cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries. With our expertise of over 20 years in the field of  Laser Cosmetology and Medical Aesthetics, we have developed our portfolio of 100% successful, result oriented, safe  result oriented, safe and effective treatments.


We want our clients to explore these treatments even before they try it and incorporate them in to their lifestyle. Its medical beauty with health. We have adopted sustainable practices. Our treatments consume minimum natural resources. Our value chain rewards every minute and value you spend at Beauty & Curves  with Beauty Miles. Each Beauty mile earned, can bring you more beauty "Rewarding to True Beauty". 

Its our philosophy to provide each customer a feel like a star. We offer extreme privacy and personal attention to each client. 

Redefine your skin age, unveil your flawless skin, toned and cellulite free figure with the natural Bio-thermal Stimulation of Venus Treatments at any of the service outlets of Beauty & Curves. Enjoy the benefits offered by our unique  loyalty program.

Comfort. Convenience. Satisfaction

Bio thermal Stimulation of Venus treatments are very safe. It works on the principle of achieving therapeutic temperature and maintains it for specified duration during the treatment.


This results in to regeneration of new tissues, stimulation of the connective tissue and strengthening of e last in and smooth muscle  fibrils. Results are immediate and optimized within 45 days. We proudly call it as painless beauty 

'BEAUTY-MILES' and FEEL LIKE A STAR. Majority of tour clients, they find our treatments very affordable.

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