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Innovative Medical Aesthetic Technology

Beagle is housing one of the trusted product line for dermatologists and aesthetic practitioners which is manufactured with extensive resources to develop cutting-edge technologies for optimum client satisfaction and user’s comfort in countries like Europe and Asia from past 3 years.

Why Beagle?

As we know that KIRTII is a brand that has been nurtured with its experience. KIRTI from last 12 years has it’s a vast experience in distribution, branding, marketing; sales service and practice management as well.

Our belief is simple, the technology should be advanced and it should be usable with low maintenance, durable and result oriented. Our goal is to help our customers build a strong and sustainable business.


Our future goals are happy stakeholders and higher customer satisfaction in our products and services which is sustainable.

KIRTI Healthcare announces a new breakthrough in aesthetics by launching a new product line under the name



Haunting True Beauty

Your Business Advantage:

1: Cost Friendly

2: Easy To Use

3: Effective

4: Durable

5: Result Driven

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